IKRAA is a second generation family business of Russian descendants who specialize in buying and selling the world’s finest Caviar based out of New York City.  For over 35 years we are providing our customers not only with the finest types of caviar, but also with a love and passion for what we do and people we work with. Our company’s name originated from a Russian word “Ikra” which directly translates as a caviar.

Our founder, Eugene Dozortsev, 

is a world renowned expert in caviar, especially Russian Caviar. From the beginning, he had first call on the world’s finest Caspian types including Osetra, Golden Osetra, Kaluga and Sevruga. 

Caviar is a famous delicacy. 

It is solely comprised of sturgeon roe and salt, mixed together in the optimal proportion in order to naturally preserve the product and enhance the flavor of the roe, effectively creating caviar. The Russian term "Malossol" directly translates as "little salt" and refers to the use of minimal amount of salt when creating caviar. When combined perfectly, which our Caviar chefs always do, the taste of the eggs themselves are enhanced not overwhelmed by the salt.

We continues to strive every day to live up to the unequaled benchmark of quality set by Eugene, providing you with both the best farmed Caviar in the world and also with the best caviar delivery service possible. For us every day is a special and fulfilling day! 100% customer satisfaction is our first priority at IKRAA!

IKRAA Caviar gently placed on a mother of pearl spoon combined with either the best Brut Champagnes or your favorite vodka is the ultimate treat. Naturally, for those who enjoy their caviar with any number of other enhancements, such as blinis, toast points, creme fraiche, chopped onion, egg white or yoke etc, starting with the finest black caviar from the team at IKRAA, will ensure a wonderful experience.

Currently, our main varieties of farmed sturgeon caviar available for your pleasure are Imperial Osetra, Kaluga Premium, and Special Reserve Golden Osetra. 

 Although caviar is the definition of luxury, and by that definition expensive, our historic relationships afford us a unique ability to buy and represent the very best at competitive pricing! 

 Every order will surely be the freshest, premium quality eggs available, hand packed in traditional tins by experienced and expert caviar chefs and delivered to you perfectly chilled the next day.