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For two generations IKRAA represents the world's finest caviar to a select group of discerning connoisseurs and restaurateurs and those trying caviar for the first time.                  

 Caviar, or as it is known in historic Russian, IKRA, is one of gastronomy's finest and rarest delicacies. During the wild fishing era the Russian Northern Caspian Sea Sturgeon caviar was universally considered by connoisseurs to be the best of the best and our family, the Dozortsev family was one of the largest purveyors to the United States. 

  As passionate caviar lovers and purveyors we lived first hand the unfortunate overfishing of the Caspian Sea. With that knowledge, and in advance of the eventual fishing ban, we made the decision to begin sourcing farm raised sturgeon caviar from the finest aquaculture sources in the world including producers in Russia, China, Italy, Canada, Ukraine and Israel. With our historic reputation for only the finest caviar, producers throughout the world sought to be represented by us. Those selected sources became the foundation of our latest caviar venture, IKRAA — a caviar online and delivery service.

Although caviar is the definition of luxury, and by that definition expensive, our historic relationships afford us a unique ability to buy and represent the very best at competitive pricing! 

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