Kaluga Premium Caviar

premium handpicked caviar

1 oz. (28g) 1 Serving - $1252 oz. (56g) 1 to 2 Servings - $2504 oz. (114g) 2 to 4 Servings - $5008 oz. (227g) Serves 4 to 8 - $9001 lbs. (454g) Serves 16 to 30 - $16002.2 lbs.(1 kilo) Serves 32+ - $25004 lbs. (1.8 kilo) Serves 50+ - $4500

Kaluga Premium is a high-quality caviar superior in color, taste, texture and size compared to other types on the market. It has a spectacular taste and a balanced flavor loved around the world that's buttery on the opening and velvety smooth on the finish. With a subtle flavor, this caviar will bring a smooth richness to any dish it is added to. You can use it on anything from eggs to cauliflower soufflé!

A Gorgeous Appearance - In addition to its delicious flavor, Kaluga caviar is a delight to the eye with its rich amber color and shimmering sheen!

Kaluga Premium Caviar is always the star of the show.

This famous delicacy has medium to large eggs. The texture is firm and smooth with an earthy, buttery flavor and mildly salty and creamy delicate aftertaste.

Farm raised fresh caviar. Grade 1.

Color: light grey, grey brown.

Not frozen, no chemical preservatives, not pasteurized.

To ensure its freshness, Kaluga Premium caviar should always be stored in the fridge in its original packaging and eaten within 2 weeks after the delivery. 

Single Serving

1 oz. (28G)

For a good testing allow up to 100 gram per person.

Serving for Two

2-4 oz. (56g - 114g)

For an ideal experience for two we recommend buying a 4 oz tin or a caviar testing set, including our three most popular types of caviar (Imperial Osetra, Kaluga Premium, Russian Osetra).

For 4 to 8 ppl

4-8 oz. (114g - 227g)

For four to eight people we recommend getting an 8 oz tin of Caviar.

It's a Party!

1 lbs (454g) + 

If you are looking  to impress your guests at a wedding or birthday party we also have a choice of 1 kilo and the biggest size - 1,8 kilo (4 lbs) of Caviar presented in the original tins. Recommended for a party of over 10 people.

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