kaluga premium caviar eggs close
1 OZ (28GRAM) - 120$2 OZ (56GRAM) - 240$4 OZ (114GRAM) - 500$8 OZ (227GRAM) - 900$16 OZ (1LBS) - 1600$2.2 LBS (1KILO) - 2500$4 LBS (1.8KILO) - 4500$

Kaluga Premium caviar is also known as River Beluga is the closest available type to a traditional Caspian Sea Beluga. Kaluga fish is a hybrid between two sturgeon species, one of them Huso Dauricus known as Beluga. 

Kaluga Premium caviar has medium to large eggs. The texture is firm and smooth with an earthy, buttery flavor and mildly salty and creamy delicate overtone.

Farm raised caviar. Grade 1.

Color: light grey, grey brown.

Not frozen, no chemical preservatives, not pasteurized.


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kaluga premium caviar eggs close
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We ship all over the United States for Free. 

To maintain its pristine quality, all caviar is shipped in an insulated box containing gel ice packs.

 All orders are shipped via FedEx overnight service.

We are able to ship Monday to Thursday.  All orders placed after 3 pm are processed on the next business day. Orders places on Friday and weekend are processed and shipped on Monday. 

If you live in NYC, HAMPTONS, NJ area please consider using a courier for the same day delivery. Available Monday to Sunday 11 am to 8 pm on all order of 1lbs of caviar. 

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